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When it comes to my own family, I love them and such but I let's say,I kind of wish (for their own benefit among other factors) they were more talented.

However,there's this scenario I wouldn't mind hearing others weigh in on. Let's say I woke up in another reality were I'm the son of a different couple and brother of different siblings who are nice and loving and living standards are better (better location and a better world of the "jobless post-industrial future" kind) but I still vaguely remember my previous parents and siblings.

Do you suppose,would it be "morally wrong" to not long and crave to be with them and the love I received from them even though I'm in a different reality where things are arguably improved?.

Let's say I can't return to said reality and let's say I could return to said reality by say doing some "special meditation" practice which would alter things.
"=_= Sometimes it's like matching socks are a precious natural resource at my house!.

Fond memories of my sister letting the "A cinderella story" soundtrack play at home.

Pensio que talbez mi impulsividad es differente cuando estoy en 'modo Hispanofonico' que en 'modo Anglofonico'.

>_< I'm bothered by how I entered a building (with someone else who has access) where there was going to be a get together *today* rather than next week when it happens (the 24th).

I think that my notions of quad-pro-quo and proportionalism might be reflective of my impulsivity.

I wonder how many ppl after going on a spiel, a deep one, mentioning metaphysics if they feel the need be as to why they'd believe in predetermination instead of free will, if asked "do you think [x person's] rape was predetermined?", would change their mind as too still sticking with believing in predetermination?. You can say how non-sentient "objects" have had no free will for eons before humans existed sure, but it's the element of volition which throws a wrench into the cogs and seems to make you up to considering predetermination in a different light once you consider ethics and whether 'x bad event' was inevitable or not.
Based on something I just read: getting quantitative about being kind isn't something you should think is always the better approach, it's more about the habit and it's not too relevant to wait for the kindness to loop back.

On August 12th at 12 .p.m. , I will be able to pick my time table for semester 3.
Hasta yo tiengo pensamientos intrusivos que me angustian

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