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My apologies to anyone I 'unfriended'. I'm trying to go through a check-though of who I'm watching, not to used to doing it and tbh feel a ~anxious-ish right now '_'
I want you to please
improve in me for you see
what I hear is dear

rattle in hall ,all and all
cant speak back to all which does not befall my ears
,past the processing fears

but not clear to me often times
when I'm on the grind
[white noise;] not used to you

The new void is no noise,
what a toy
My listening skills
I would badly like it to be better >__< ._. 
Only cease to cherish you own opinion,love the gaps

that treasure of a talent

(bitter?) sustained effort,something which has time for everyone

passage of space's counter dissipitates

truth;that moment has yet to arrive
When I categorized it as a "nature" poem what kind of 'nature' did you think I was referring to :) ?. It's not *only* human,eh?.
What they say hurts and
often flirts with a death
meant for me; left to night plea
Nay sayers
This so would've been relevant to how I felt when I was younger
The reason he could heal; unlike the others he had a hard time "functioning". It was a word which was used often, it was a word which was thrown around a lot. It was a word which turned around in meaning for him when he was a child. It was a word which felt forever at odds with after that time wasted with people who would openly ridicule him,possessing the power of functioning, in a way which was confirmed, in a way which indicated a "passage into adulthood" which they all utterly ignored when it came to him. Instead it was all open,gaping ridicule as if it was his "destiny" to be that way.

Some "destiny" he thought. Granted by fools who never put two and two together when it came to being kinder to him.

His favorite ape guardian was patrolling around the village with the accompaniment of a man of "feral" house of the main tribe. He was carrying ring bread with him. So much beauty surrounding him in the village and hair he could spend gazing at in total loss for hours on end. That was as far as sensuous thoughts he would himself be carried away by. His uncle approached with a bright green hat which he wore to a victory ceremony he had just left. He really wished he wasn't "killing it" when it came to how much better he had performed in contrast to the predecessor who had the larger more garishly dressed audience following. Oisiv En-T'cejorp was not going to like what his nephew had in store for him as far as news went. Oh the comprimises.

Yintu could roll with how other members of the clan had apparently found healing in the announcements of an "enthreller" who spoke of the ethereal but for whom, for Yintu anyway couldn't make it so the "Chalen" (as the ethereal was called) could benefit him in his mental abilities to the point that he didn't have to spend so much time on it. The enthreller only said "your on your own,that's not our problem". To his deep chagrin, he had been dismissed by a man who took a job you would have to be half mad yourself for having taken but who peddled out to the crowds daily of how the ethereal could help them in the end. Why didn't it just amplify him though?. Were he to ask for the "blue healing" would it even effect him?. It always came back to the misuse of the word 'function' to him. Not functioning though. Many a thug had distorted things for him in the past. In a galaxy, long, long ago.
Watching a marching crowd and victor
Setting wise it can be taking place in any sort of setting you might think of when it comes to speculative fiction. A different planet like in a sci-fi story or a fantastical world like in a fantasy story or such.

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