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An idea for a music video?:Imagine a street fair full of buskers and performers.One is a dude who's weaving slowly through the crowd while doing contact juggling and for some reason Usher is singing in a transparent juggling ball before the juggler bumps into a girl who catches his attention.They both flirt and have each other's attention.

This… is encouraging and makes me think about how circus skills are one kind of neglected performance art that can make music videos more meaningful.H---, is it any surprise to know that Lady Gaga knows stuff and does a few of the things she does in videos b/c she did neo-burlesque?.There sure as heck are plenty of underutilizated performance arts if ya look around.Kanye had ballerinas in "Runaway" and what about some opera?.Puppetry and miming are other ones that can find a presence.

>_< You got to be kidding me!. I can't use the school gym during the regular system >~< .At a time when I had the expectation to use the facility there and not have to rely on online vids or exercise books* .

*I got enough at home and so many of them makes me think that they border on distraction,almost as bad as the internet at times

This fallacy [appeal to authority] is not in itself an error; it is impossible to learn much in today’s world without letting somebody else crunch the numbers and offer us explanations. And teachers are sources of necessary information. But how we choose our "authorities" and place a value on such information, is just another skill rarely taught in our education systems. It’s little wonder that to most folk, sound bites and talking heads are enough to count as experts. […] Teaching is reinforcing the appeal to authority, where anybody who seems more intelligent than you must ultimately be right. […] We educators must simply role-model critical thinking . […] Educators themselves have to be prepared to show that “evidence” and “answers” are two separate things by firmly believing that, themselves.
  • Mike McRae, Australian teacher and guest columnist, "Educating Future Critical Thinkers", Swift: Online Newsletter of the JREF, 31 March 2006

 To a class I coulda entered earlier to get out earlier I go soon.


I think that in religion pastoral care is not the same as philosophical engagement.;) Unless it's me/for me..

don't jugde a book by it's cover or it's pleasing title like I do.What energizes (a person to action) more than hate but is around more often than love can be found?


Grateful to the librarian here and coincidence that a textbook that I forgot to take with me from home is here and can be taken out for two weeks. Este es el ultimo dia para ese Quiz #2 de internet >: .


Hace poco vi a algin de una escuela que deteste aqui ,sentandose a la derecha de la computadora que estoy en ahorita. Quando el me pregunto "todovia me recuredas" yo vi a su pelo un rato para como "confirmar" que fue el. "^-^ Ahora quiero que fue un poco rudo eso. El lo conoci de hace mucho tiempo--talbez durante el tiempo quando yo estuvo en la escuela elementario que soy cerca de ahora (esto fue durante grados ~2-4) y otra vez en grado 8 asta el primer bachigrato que yo fue a. '-' De me recuerdo fue algo burlon y no me gustaba a el tanto (quando entre a bachigrato trate de evitar a el y otra gente de grado 8). Me recuredo como mandandolo un mensaje en grado 11 y el fue surprendido que todovia estuvo ahi. Quando de verdad me fue de ese primer bachigrato que dejo peubado >~< >:l en los primer quanto semana que estuvo ahi en la nueva escuela me mando un mensaje preguntando "[mi nombre] buds [esto fue en ingles] a que escuela vas ahora?". Es como si uno de las poca personas que se fijo que me fue.

'_' Recordarme a mí mismo como yo a cambiado VASTANTE desde el 2008 y esos tiempos que estan empujando una decada de tiempo pasado.

Ahora a la derecha en una mesa esta un professor de historia que me encanto el ultimo primer semestre del ano pasado hablando con quien yo suppongo es una professora.I really wish I could go on about new things guys.Not yet however.This week and the next are my last weeks of summer school courses.

Malo pensamientos pasan por mi mente en este tiempo que trato de pensar como esponder el mensaje electronico de algin. 

And I kinda did a crude and dumb gesture seconds ago >~< .

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Thanks again!
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I hope your search for inspiring works has been rich and well-rewarded. The river of artwork of DA is in constant motion, so good hunting, Sidetrack! :nod:
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i see that you liked that Rom vs Galactus digital fan art i did a while back which was inspired by Rom #26. you may also like this new pencil sketch based off that same issue…
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