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I tried to break a spell by not breaking the restlessness is what broke my straw.

I decided to do it earlier and it didn't do me better.

To break the fetters I had to wait until later but thinking there is no certainty

only opportunity I broke away thinking it would be better,

slurred speech in this spell,almost enough to make me think I'm fell.

Cast upon me, I am cast away until a long arrived day when I can try to repeat this in a different way.
Better opinions
I'm so angry right now..I was thinking about how I didn't read the chapter of a book at a better time when it prob.would've relaxed me but read it hardly after midnight in order to calm me down. It's one thing which led me to writing the "bristle boar" song.

I'm not sure why the title is sure--it's more a reference to commenting on a song my sister recently played and wishing I hadn't said that.
Mural of entering Hamilton by sidetrack1
Mural of entering Hamilton
The impressionistic take of (I believe) entering the "welcome to Hamilton" sign on King Street East
Women in rock by sidetrack1
Women in rock
I saw part of the nice performance when I entered the Arnie, kind of late into the performance
There are times when after saying something I doubt about having said I kind of "trail off" and mumble off.
I think that there's a common assumption that when ppl learn (becoming skilled after so much culmination) it's easier to pull off top-down processing and hence pick up on things. What I think is discounted is how dependent ppl still are (for whatever reason; a language barrier,years of habitual laziness etc) on bottom up processing. When you explain the little features to ppl,teachers might complain that it's like there "spoon feeding toddlers". Factor that; I'd roll with the assumption that for most ppl bottom up processing is a default for learning information. Even if it were done among experts what it'd mean I'm guessing is that the experts would bring up a lot of detail on every concept or object brought up. Almost as if they used definitions used instead of singular phrases or terms to encapsulate.

Imo top-down process relies on info eventually becoming intuitive whereas if you constantly use a bottom-down approach it seems to entail systemizing much more often. 

However if a person has top-down inclination and is very knowledgeable and skilled that doesn't mean their attitude is any less cocky.
Imo humor via action is tricky to pull off well when a sense of humor which is visual is no longer considered "the norm" as among adults. 

Makes me think--how do you know when a sense of humor is not coming off as "annoying"?.

"..the MBTI assessment is a measure of preference, not ability"…

Es interestante como solo con unas cuantas pensiamientos puede una persona sostener un cierto actitud por tanto tiempo.

Lana Del Rey and trip-hop would be interesting imo.
Admitto que avecez evito sentimientos por deciendome que "hay cosas mas importantes que x sentimientos".

I admito sometimes I avoid feelings by telling myself "there are more important things than x feelings".

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